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Hangzhou Pucheng Teddy Industrial Co., Ltd.( Referred to PUTEDY) is a high-tech enterprise relying on the abundant research resources of Zhejiang University, and boasting a R&D staff consisting of experts, professors, and young talented scientists, devoted to the development, research and promotion of automatic detection and control equipments applied in metallurgical industry.


Case 2  xingcheng Special  Steel Vibration Ladle Slag Detection System

Xingcheng Special Steel is very focused on product quality, it’s the leader in special steel enterprises, as early as 2006, the steel mill began to install our company's VSD2000 vibration ladle slag detection system, because of the effect is good, in the next few years more than 70 mills about 200 casters installed our system.

Case 1 BaoSteel Infrared Converter Slag Detection System

Our company IVD2000 Infrared Converter Slag Detection System put into use while BaoSteel zhanjiang plant began production, the system distinguish molten steel and slag according to the difference in the infrared radiation rate in the specific infrared band. The system infrared sensor is far away from the outlet of the converter abd the high temperature area, so it has a high service life.